Using clients #

Starburst Galaxy includes Query editor. It allows you to write and execute SQL statements in all clusters and the configured catalogs.

You can access the connection details for a specific cluster by selecting the Get connection item in the options in the list of clusters.

Connection info display for a cluster

The dialog displays the following information:

  • Connection string to use with the JDBC driver
  • Trino CLI start command
  • User, host, and port information for other clients

The user string concatenates the username, provided as email address, and the current role used by the logged in user.

The host is specific for each cluster and includes the account name and the cluster name.

The port is 443, as used by default for TLS connections. The certificate used by Starburst Galaxy to secure the connection with TLS is a globally trusted certificate.

List of clients #

Use this information to connect to your cluster in Starburst Galaxy with the following supported and tested clients:

Other clients are not explicitly tested, but are expected to work as well.