DBeaver #

Requirements #

Users of Starburst Enterprise 354-e or newer need to use DBeaver 21.0 or newer.

Connection #

Use the following simple steps to access your cluster:

  • Get the necessary connection information for your cluster
  • Start DBeaver
  • Start to create a new database connection in the Database Navigator with right-click dialog using Create - Connection, or File menu, New and select Database Connection in the dialog
  • In the selection dialog type Trino for Starburst Enterprise 354-e or newer, locate the icon for Trino, click on it and select Next
  • Users of Starburst Enterprise 350-e or older, search for PrestoSQL, use the PrestoSQL icon, , click on it and select Next

    DBeaver connection dialog

  • Update Host, Port, Username and Password with your connection information details and press Finish to connect

Querying #

You can click on the defined connection in the Database Navigator to connect. The initial connection downloads all metadata about catalogs, schema, tables, columns and more. You can browse the information is loaded.

DBeaver database navigator

As a next step you can open the SQL Editor and start to write and execute your queries and inspect the returned results.

DBeaver SQL editor