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  • Getting started tutorials #

    Starburst Galaxy is the cloud native and fully managed service of Starburst’s massively parallel processing (MPP), highly performant query engine. It allows you to use SQL to analyze your data and gain insights quickly by querying a variety of data sources through a single query.

    Prerequisites #

    To complete either tutorial you need:

    Introductory projects

    There are many ways to utilize Starburst Galaxy including for both interactive and batch analytics, query federation, data lake analytics, data applications, embedded analytics, and more. Start experimenting with one of our tutorials.

    Data lake analytics

    Use Starburst Galaxy as the engine to accomplish your analytics needs on your data lakehouse or data lake.

    Query the COVID-19 data lake

    Query federation

    Use Starburst Galaxy to interactively query multiple data sources seamlessly with one SQL query.

    Federate multiple data sources

    SQL tutorials

    The tutorials in this section let you use Starburst Galaxy's sample data to refresh your knowledge of constructing SQL queries.