IP Allowlist for Starburst Galaxy #

Typically a secured database does not allow open access from any source on the internet. Network access is restricted to only allow connection in the local network or cloud region. These systems can be configured to allow access from a remote IP address or an IP address range, often represented as a Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) block.

In order for Starburst Galaxy to establish a connection to a data source, you must allow access to that data source from all IP address ranges used by your Starburst Galaxy clusters.

For example, if your clusters are located in the Asia Pacific, US West, and Eastern Europe regions, you must configure your data sources to allow connections from the IP address ranges of all three regions.

Amazon Web Services #

The following table lists IP ranges used by Starburst Galaxy in Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions:

Cloud region ID Cloud name IP range (CIDR)
aws-ap-northeast1 Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
aws-ap-southeast2 Asia Pacific (Sydney)
aws-ca-central1 Canada (Central)
aws-eu-central1 Europe (Frankfurt)
aws-eu-west1 Europe (Ireland)
aws-eu-west2 Europe (London)
aws-eu-west3 Europe (Paris)
aws-us-east1 US East (N. Virginia)
aws-us-east2 US East (Ohio)
aws-us-west1 US West (N. California)
aws-us-west2 US West (Oregon)

Microsoft Azure #

The following table lists IP ranges used by Starburst Galaxy in Microsoft Azure regions:

Cloud name IP range (CIDR)
East US (US)
East US (US)
France Central (Europe)
West Europe (Europe)