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  • Query overview #

    Starburst Galaxy enables you to author queries using SQL, and process them on a cluster. Queries can access any data sources configured as a catalog. Queries can be submitted directly in the query editor or other client application. The user interface provides further helpful tools.

    The following characteristics apply:

    • Query processing performance and memory usage is heavily impacted by the cluster size.
    • Query processing is terminated after the maximum allowed processing time of four hours is reached.

    Other useful resources:

    Query user interface #

    Access query features at any time from the Query section of the navigation menu. The Starburst Galaxy query features are the following:

    To save screen space, the navigation menu can be collapsed into an icon-only menu by clicking the icon. Click again to restore the menu.

    navigation menu, open

    When a menu item has a submenu, hover over a collapsed menu icon to show and select a submenu item.

    navigation menu, hover for submenu

    Query editor #

    The Query editor pane offers an environment in which to write and execute SQL statements on any running cluster and its configured catalogs.

    The following image shows the sub-panes of the Query editor, clockwise from left:

    Saved queries #

    The Saved queries pane allows you to view and reuse recent queries and editor tabs.

    Saved queries page, recent tab

    Query history #

    The Query history pane allows you to view and inspect previous and current query executions. The queries you can see are limited by your current Starburst Galaxy role. By default, you can see any queries launched by your current login name. If you have accountadmin rights, or are assigned to a role that has the view all query history privilege, then you can see queries launched by all users with access to this Starburst Galaxy account.

    Query details #

    Click a Query ID in the Query history list to open the Query details pane for that query.