Notebook manager #

The Starburst Galaxy platform (SGP) notebook manager enables query management, visualizations, data source exploration, and querying your connected data sources.

You can access a notebook manager for each cluster in the SGP user interface.

SQL queries are stored in notes. One or more notes are managed as a collection - a notebook. Notebooks are stored in folders.

Each note contains a SQL query statement. The notes can be used to actually execute queries and inspect the results in table format, or create visualizations.

Here’s a quick overview of the available feature helps you accomplish:

  • Query management: Create and organize your folders, notebooks and notes for easy access and sharing.
  • Visualizations: Create diagrams and charts with the data from your data sources, including bar charts, time series plots, and others.
  • DB exploration: Browse all connected data sources, schemas, tables, and the contained data.
  • Search: Search the notes of all users.

Important: The notebook manager displays in a new tab in your browser Starburst Galaxy

There are three main sections of the notebook manager:

  • My Notebooks: A list of all of your notebooks.
  • Favorites: A list of your saved notebooks for quick access. Select the icon to favorite a notebook.
  • History: The query logs. The history shows all of your queries whether you saved them in a note or not.