Data sources overview #

You can create a catalog by selecting a data source and configuring the connection to various external databases and other systems.

Once the data source is defined and used in your Starburst cluster, you can query the data source by accessing the catalog and the nested schemas and tables.

Requirements #

The requirements to access the different data sources vary and are detailed with each data source. Detailed steps are available in the following documentation:

Initial data source setup #

Select a data source below to see requirements and instructions for adding it to Starburst Galaxy:

Data source types and properties #

Data source types define the connector that Starburst Galaxy uses for the specific data source. The connector in turn, defines the configuration properties to use.

A number of properties are used for all data source configurations.

Property Description
Type Defines the connection type of the external data source. Type is related to the connector used to access the data in the external data source.
Name The name of the data source that is also used as the name of the catalog. This name is visible to when querying PrestoSQL and the underlying data source.
Description A short paragraph that provides more details about the data source than the name alone.
Connection properties Properties required by the connectors that enable connection to a specified data source, such as access keys.