Get started #

Using Starburst Galaxy platform (SGP) requires you to configure your AWS account access for running the clusters.

Configure your AWS account #

You need to configure a cross-account role for your AWS account. This enables the SGP to deploy and manage Starburst clusters in your account.

Create a cross account role #

Create a cross-account role using a cloud formation template (CFT) in the AWS management console.

  1. In your AWS management console, go to IAM services. You may be prompted to sign in to AWS.
  2. Download the Cloud formation template from Starburst Galaxy.
  3. Upload the Cloud formation template in your AWS console.
  4. Copy the External ID from Starburst Galaxy and paste it in your AWS console.
  5. Run the cloud formation template.

IMPORTANT: Copy the AWS Account ID where you created the role. You need it for the next steps.

Enter the cross-account role information #

Add the cross-account information to Starburst Galaxy.

  1. Navigate back to Starburst Galaxy
  2. In the AWS Account ID field, enter the AWS Account ID from the role you created.
  3. Select the default AWS region for your AWS resources.
  4. Click Finish.

You can edit your AWS region from Settings or on individual clusters as needed.