Starburst Galaxy API #

The Starburst Galaxy API allows you to automate processes that are otherwise performed with the user interface. This allows you to manage processes without user interaction, including outside business hours, and to integrate Starburst Galaxy in automated workflows in your overall data pipeline and other business processes.

The API is implemented as a REST API over TLS/HTTPS including the use of authentication tokens. Each token is associated with a role and its privileges that are fully integrated with the Starburst Galaxy security system.

Authentication #

Usage of the API requires an authentication token. These tokens are created and managed in the user interface section available as API auth token in the Access control section of the navigation panel.

Authorization #

Each API authentication token is assigned a role and any operation with the API and the token is restricted and controlled by the access available to the role.

For example, if a role assigned to an API token does not have the privileges to start or stop a cluster, any API calls with that token to perform these actions fail.

Any API authentication that is assigned the accountadmin role can use all API endpoints.

Endpoints #

The following endpoints for different entities are available:

  • Cluster management
    • listClusters - list all clusters
    • startCluster- start the specified cluster
    • stopCluster - stop the specified cluster

Technical documentation for the API is available at Each endpoint’s documentation includes the exact URL of the endpoint, details about any parameters, JSON results, and HTTP result codes for success or failure.