Roles and privileges #

The Roles and privileges section displays a list of all configured roles in your Starburst Galaxy account. A role is a collection of privileges. Users are assigned one or more roles. Use the edit icon on the left of each row to edit or delete the role.

Create a role #

Use the Create role button to create additional roles. A role only consists of a name and a description. Once created it is displayed in the list of roles, and you can proceed to add privileges to the role.

Add privileges #

You can use the Privileges button to add or remove privileges to a role. The assigned privileges are listed in the View privileges section. Use the delete icon beside a privilege to remove the privilege from the role. The Add privilege button displays a dialog that allows you to configure the entity and privilege to configure the new privilege to add to the role.

Assign a role #

The Assign button is used to assign the role to other roles and users.