Query history #

The Query history section displays a list of all completed and failed queries processed on all clusters.

Query history is limited to your role’s history unless you are account admin or your permissions are set to view all queries.

Filter #

Use the filter above the list to narrow down the displayed queries. By default, the queries from the last two weeks are displayed.

Use the drop down for the criteria to control what you want to filter on, and provide the desired value. The + And button allows you to add another criteria to combine with the existing criteria in a logic AND operation to define the overall filter for the list.

Press Apply filters to update the list based on the defined filter criteria.

Press Reset filters to remove the defined filters and update the list.

List #

The queries shown in the list is determined by the defined filter and the current time. It is not refreshed automatically so any new queries currently running do not show up. Use the Refresh results button to reload queries in the list.

The following columns are displayed:

  • Status uses from successfully completed queries, and for queries that finished processing due to a failure.
  • Query ID shows the unique identifier for the query and links to the Query details.
  • Cluster is the name of the cluster used to process the query.
  • Query text display the full or partial SQL text of the query.
  • Email identifies the user who submitted the query.
  • Role specifies the name of the role used by the user.
  • Create date shows the start date and time of the query processing.
  • Elapsed time is the wall time from the create time to the time processing completed.

Query details #

Click the Query ID for a specific query in the list to access details about the query and its processing.

The General tab shows the details about the query from the list, including the full query text in a larger display. It allows you to open the same query text in the Query editor, copy the text to the clipboard, and switch to a full display of the query text.

The Query execution section shows timing information of the different stages of processing the query.

The Advanced tab shows information about the access tables, the explain plan for the query, and further statistical data about the query processing.