Starburst Admin release notes #

New releases of Starburst Admin are created whenever significant new features or bug fixes are available.

1.4.0 (27 Apr 2022) #

  • Added a new playbook collect-jstacks.yml that captures a Java thread dump on all SEP cluster nodes and saves each to a local file.

1.3.1 (25 Mar 2022) #

  • Allow user to specify a custom vars.yml file for playbooks to use. Allows users to specify the location of custom application configuration files.
  • Remove the deprecated discovery-server.enabled setting from

1.3.0 (17 Mar 2022) #

  • Remove any empty plugin directories left over from a previous installation in the install playbook.
  • Remove any old installation directories left over from a previous tarball-based installation in the install playbook.

1.2.0 (6 Aug 2021) #

  • Add condition to status printing to detect what preliminary task was skipped
  • Add OmitStackTraceInFastThrow JVM flag
  • Setup limits in /etc/security/limits.d for tarball installation

1.1.0 (11 Jun 2021) #

  • Fix installation_group name issue
  • Remove query.* config property values in files to use automatic defaults
  • Move user documentation to
  • Remove developer documentation from package

1.0.0 (24 Mar 2021) #

  • Initial supported release with full feature set to run production systems