Overview #

Starburst Admin is a collection of Ansible playbooks for installing and managing Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) or Trino clusters.

The following features are available:

  • Installation and upgrade of Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) or Trino using the RPM or tar.gz archives
  • Addition and update of coordinator and worker nodes configuration files, including catalog properties files for data source configuration
  • Service management of the cluster and on all nodes (start/stop/restart/status)
  • Collection of logs
  • Addition of custom binary files, such as custom connectors or UDF
  • Addition of custom configuration files

Starburst Admin does not manage the creation of the servers, the operating system installation and configuration, and the Python and Java installation.

It is most suitable for managing clusters installed on bare metal servers or virtual machines. Use the Kubernetes with Helm support instead of Starburst Admin if you use containers and Kubernetes.

Contact Starburst Support for the binary package, and further help.

Requirements #

Deep knowledge of Ansible is not expected for usage, but familiarity with Ansible is helpful. At a minimum, it is assumed you have Ansible installed, and are familiar with running Ansible playbooks.

Requirements for control machine #

The control machine is used to run Starburst Admin, and therefore Ansible playbooks. Standard Ansible requirements apply:

  • Ansible 2.10 or higher
  • Linux/Unix operating system
  • Python 2.7 and higher, or Python 3.5 and higher

In addition, the following resources are needed:

  • SSH connectivity to the cluster nodes
  • Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) or Trino tar.gz or RPM archive

Requirements for cluster nodes #

All cluster nodes need to fulfill the normal Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) or Trino requirements:

  • Linux operating system
  • Java runtime environment
  • Python

Inspect the requirements for the specific version for detailed version information.

Additional requirements:

  • Enabled ssh access and connectivity from the control machine
  • rsync
  • bash

When using Starburst Admin with an RPM archive:

  • RPM-based Linux distribution
  • rpm command, yum, dnf, or others are not required

When Starburst Admin with an tar.gz archive:

  • GNU tar command
  • unzip command