SQL overview #

Access to data in all your data sources, such as Snowflake, Hive or PostgreSQL, is configured in catalogs. In Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP), you query these catalogs rather than the sources directly.

After access to one or more data sources is configured in a catalog, you can issue SQL queries against them using the SQL syntax supported by Trino:

You can combine on or more catalogs in the same query, even if they are in different databases on different platforms. Combining data is straightforward: use the fully-qualified name of the tables in your FROM clause. Table names are fully-qualified when they include the catalog and schema name:

SELECT * FROM <catalog>.<schema>.<table>

Use the query editor or other client tools of choice to submit your queries.

Next steps #

Looking to dive deep into SQL? We offer several training videos to help you level-up your skill set: