Deploy SEP with Kubernetes #

You can deploy SEP using the Starburst Kubernetes (K8s) Helm chart supported Kubernetes services:

  • AWS
  • Google
  • Azure
  • OpenShift

To begin, you must decide which supported ecosystem you will deploy into. If your organization uses a single ecosystem, your choice is simple. If your organization uses multiple ecosystems, we suggest that you review our selection guide to learn about what to take into account in choosing the optimal placement.

AWS, Google and Azure all have both marketplace offerings as well as their own Kubernetes service that is certified to run on. OpenShift’s marketplace option differs slightly in that it uses a Kubernetes operator. Most marketplace offerings are pay-as-you-go. Using Kubernetes services directly requires a contract.

If you have made your decision on which deployment is best for your organization, use these quick links to get you to where you need to be: