Mission Control release notes#

Each Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) LTS release is accompanied by a new release of Mission Control. Details of the changes on each chart can be found in the following release note sections.

Version 350.2.0 (18 Feb 2021)#

Version 350.1.1 (9 Feb 2021)#

  • Fix regression with node selectors, annotations etc. were not being saved

  • Fix bug with the label not showing the number of running workers correctly

  • Keep loadbalancer service between stop/start/restart cycles of the cluster, i.e. the IP address assigned to the cluster does not change

Version 350.1.0 (3 Feb 2021)#

  • Update to SEP 350-e

  • Migrate from Kubernetes operator to Helm chart

  • Replace bootstrap script volumes with additional volumes

  • Add support for initFile

  • Every SEP cluster is deployed to an individual namespace

  • Add support for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 OAuth 2.0 authentication mechanism

  • Add support for hive.security=allow-all in Hive connector

  • Add support for hive.s3.endpoint for an S3-compatible storage system


Mission Control version 350.1.0 and higher uses Helm charts and it is not backward compatible with older versions of the Mission Control deployments with the Kubernetes operator.

Version 345.4.0 (21 Jan 2021)#

Version 0.24 (10 Dec 2020)#

  • Update to SEP 345-e.3

  • Fix bug with manual scaling of workers

  • Disable manual scaling when autoscaling is enabled

  • Fix bug with Mission control upgrades not working

  • Fix bug with external load balancer URL not appearing in the UI

  • Various UI improvements including the dashboard UI

  • Disable insecure HTTP access (allowInsecureHttp) by default

Version 0.23 (3 Aug 2020)#

  • Change to Helm-based installation with Kubernetes

  • Remove AWS installation support

  • Add Snowflake data source

Version 0.22 (18 Jun 2020)#

  • Improve UI input component for entering host and port information in Kafka data source

  • Fix: Teradata data source configuration

  • Fix: allow deploying clusters with internal metastores

Version 0.21 (9 Jun 2020)#

  • Update Presto AWS CFT to version 332-e.3-aws-ami-0.92

  • Update Presto Kubernetes to version 332-e.3-k8s-0.28

  • Introduce wizard-style form for MongoDB

  • Introduce ability to add custom datasources

Version 0.20 (1 Jun 2020)#

  • Add Delta Lake datasource support

  • Fix bug that prevented upgrades of some existing clusters

Version 0.19 (18 May 2020)#

  • New control to allow adding any property to a data source configuration

  • Lock the position of the the left navigation menu

  • Add configuration controls for Ranger system access control for Kubernetes clusters

  • Add configuration controls for autoscaling of Kubernetes clusters

Version 0.18 (7 May 2020)#

  • Fix bug when AWS cluster creation fails for empty URI fields in Ranger configuration

  • Add validations to verify if the URIs provided in the AWS Ranger configuration exist in S3

  • Update Presto AWS CFT to version 332-e.2-aws-ami-0.91

  • Update Presto Kubernetes to version 332-e.2-k8s-0.25

Version 0.17 (1 May 2020)#

  • Introduce Ranger system access control configuration for AWS clusters.

  • Update Kubernetes clusters to use 332-e.2-k8s-0.25 Kubernetes operator.

  • Update AWS clusters to use 332-e.1-aws-ami-0.90 CFT.

  • Fix bug with navigating between UI wizard steps when there is a validation error.

  • Introduce consistent UI for time-based input fields.

  • Use cluster names instead of ids in the validation message when attempting to delete datasources associated with clusters.

  • Fix broken CloudFormation URL in the AWS cluster summary section in the UI.

  • Add number rounding and default scale properties for Teradata datasources.

  • Enable Internal metastore option in GCP datasources.

  • Merge Azure blob storage to Azure storage datasource.

  • Allow to connect to multiple kinds of Azure storage from the same Azure storage datasource.

Version 0.16 (21 Apr 2020)#

  • Added messages per split property to Kafka datasource.

  • Added parallelism properties for Oracle datasource.

  • Merged ADLS gen1 and ADLS gen2 datasources to a single datasource in wizard style.

  • Introduced Internal metastore option for Azure data lake storage datasource.

  • Fix bug with connectivity when using S3 datasource and Internal metastore option.

Version 0.15 (17 Apr 2020)#

  • Updated Presto version to 332-e.1.

  • Fixed bug with running concurrent Kubernetes clusters when not exposed on external IPs (load balancers).

  • Fixed bug to sync states for clusters that are in ERRORING state.

  • Rollback worker count updates if they fail.

  • Removed default property AllowExternalAccessOnHttp=true property from AWS clusters.

  • Added CFT permission to enable MetricsCollection for AWS clusters.

  • Changed edit cluster route URL from cluster/<id> to cluster/<id>/edit.

  • Allowed clicking the previous wizard step when creating a new cluster.

  • Renamed Presto license cluster field to Starburst license.

  • Made Starburst license field mandatory when cluster is configured with Starburst connectors.

  • Made password change mandatory for all newly created internal users.

  • Improved UI for choosing data sizes with a size and unit selector.

  • Replaced Hive and Hive with Internal Metastore data sources with S3 and HDFS data sources.

  • Introduced wizard-style form for S3, HDFS and Redshift data sources.

  • Removed deprecated Enable positioned reads property from S3 data source.

  • Removed deprecated transmitter properties from Teradata data source.

  • Added default value for Teradata data source‚Äôs connection pool max size.

  • Added progress indicators to the data source form.

Version 0.14#

  • Added immediate validations for fields throughout the UI.

  • Added support for bootstrap script volumes in Kubernetes.

  • Added support for annotations in Kubernetes.

  • Added Kafka datasource.

  • Maintain Presto cluster states independent of Mission Control server states.

  • Add field to provide Starburst license for AWS clusters.

  • Improved UI for JDBC based datasources.

Version 0.13#

  • Add support for Azure datasources like Blob, ADLS Gen1 and ADLS Gen2.

  • Extend Hive for internal metastore in Kubernetes to support additional datasources like AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure blob storage, ADLS Gen1 storage and ADLS Gen2 storage.

  • Add AWS Glue datasource to Kubernetes installation.

  • Add datasources for the Teradata connector and the Teradata Parallel Direct connector. Note that the Teradata Parallel Direct connector is not available on Kubernetes at the moment.

  • Change the look of the dialogs and notification toasts.

  • Introduce the front-end validations on the data sources form.

  • Transform the cluster create/edit form into a multi-step wizard.