Starburst JDBC driver#

The JDBC driver allows any client application with JDBC support to connect to PrestoSQL. Once connected, SQL statements can be used to query catalog, and therefore the underlying data sources.

Currently the driver is identical to the PrestoSQL JDBC driver and we suggest usage of that driver.

The driver requires usage of a Java 8 or Java 11 runtime. Newer runtimes might work but are not sufficiently tested.

Legacy driver#

In the past the Starburst Enterprise driver had superior features, which are now all available with the PrestoSQL JDBC driver. If you are using an older PrestoSQL version you potentially, need to use the legacy driver. It requires usage of Java 8.

The legacy driver can be downloaded from the Starburst support site.

Check the the following table for a compatibility matrix of driver and PrestoSQL version:

JDBC version

Compatible PrestoSQL versions




213e, 208e, 203e, 195e