Starburst Kudu connector#

The Starburst Kudu connector is an extended, tested and fully supported version of the Kudu connector with identical configuration and usage.

The following improvements are included:



The connector configuration is similar to the configuration for the base Kudu connector, with the following additional properties:

Kudu configuration properties#

Property name



Maximum data size returned per batch by the scanner. Defaults to 1MB.


The interval for sending keep-alive requests to the tablet server to prevent scanner timeouts. Defaults to 15s.


Maximum duration for each scan request to a server. Defaults to 30s.

SQL support#

The connector supports all of the SQL statements listed in the Kudu connector documentation.

Managed statistics#

The connector supports Managed statistics for performance optimizations in query planning. Use ANALYZE to collect statistics for a given table. See ANALYZE for details and examples.