Starburst Enterprise in AWS Marketplace EKS #

AWS Marketplace EKS allows for managed cluster deployment on the managed Kubernetes service EKS with convenient and flexible payment options.

The AWS Marketplace EKS uses the Helm charts for Starburst Enterprise 370-e LTS to simplify configuration deployment. The default values in the Helm chart values listed are the minimal required values to run Starburst Enterprise on EKS. Further configuration is necessary for adding your data sources as catalog and production workloads.

Support #

Starburst offers the following support for our marketplace subscribers without an enterprise contract:

Requirements #

Before you begin, you must have an AWS login with the ability to subscribe to services.

Get started #

The usage section of the marketplace offering contains all the necessary steps to get started with you SEP cluster deployment.

The instructions vary for the two available payment options:

Use the following resources after your successful initial deployment to connect data sources as catalogs, configure security, and perform other customizations.

Useful resources #

Review the AWS documentation for guidance on implementing the following security and access control best practices:

Follow the AWS documentation to review Service Quotas for your SEP deployment.

Read our Kubernetes configuration section to begin customizing SEP. You can also set up these optional items:

The following pages introduce key concepts and features in SEP: