Starburst Enterprise in AWS Marketplace #

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) is available directly through Amazon AWS Marketplace to run on a variety of instance types. The AWS Marketplace offering allows you to easily set up a monthly contract, after which you can deploy SEP using the CloudFormation Template (CFT).

Once deployed, is fully customizable, including connecting to services such as:

All of these service integrations are available in addition to Starburst’s suite of enhanced and exclusive connectors.

Choose our deployment type #

In addition to our marketplace offerings, SEP is also available to deploy on Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). We strongly recommend that you deploy using EKS unless there is a specific technical reason why you cannot.

If you intend to use CFT as a proof-of-concept before moving to an EKS deployment in production, please be aware that there is no direct path from a CFT deployment to an EKS deployment. Therefore, if you begin building a proof-of-concept using CloudFormation, you should expect to remain on CloudFormation for production.

Support for marketplace offerings #

Starburst offers the following support for our marketplace subscribers without an enterprise contract:

Set up your subscription #

Before you begin, you must have an AWS login with the ability to subscribe to services.

To subscribe to SEP through the AWS Marketplace:

  1. Log in with your subscriber account and follow this link, or enter “Starburst Enterprise” in the marketplace search field and select Starburst Enterprise.
  2. Scroll down to the Estimating your costs tool:
    1. Select your desired Region.
    2. Select “CloudFormation Template** as your Fulfillment option. Do not select the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) option.
    3. Select the Instance type.
  3. Click Continue to subscribe at the top of the page.
  4. On the Subscribe to this software screen that appears:
    1. Configure the contract, if desired.
    2. Manage the license as per your organization’s protocols using the Manage license option, if desired.
  5. Click Continue to configuration.
  6. On the Configure this software page, select CloudFormation Template option again in the Delivery method dropdown. Do not select the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) option.
  7. In the “Software version” dropdown, confirm that the latest version is selected.
  8. Confirm that the correct region is selected.
  9. Click Continue to launch.
  10. In the “Launch this software” screen, select the Launch CloudFormation option in the Choose Action dropdown.
  11. Click Launch.

Create your stack and install SEP #

Once you have launched SEP, our install guide provides instructions for creating your stack and specifying cluster details.

Next steps #

Read our CFT configuration section to begin customizing SEP. You can also set up these optional items:

The following pages introduce key concepts and features in SEP: