Connectors #

SEP comes with supported enterprise connectors that allow you to configure catalogs that provide access to all your data sources. SEP’s architecture fully abstracts the data sources it can connect to, compute and storage are separated. You can scale your query engine and performance separately from your data storage.

Exposing all this data in one place creates an accessible data mesh, ready for your analysis.

Developing custom connectors #

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) comes with an array of built-in connectors for a variety of cloud-based and on-prem data sources.

That separation means that you can use the SEP connector service provider interface (SPI) to build plugins for file systems and object stores, NoSQL stores, relational database systems, and custom services without an off-the-shelf connector. As long as you can map data into relational concepts such as tables, columns, and rows, it is possible to create your own SEP connector.

To learn more, read our latest developer documentation.