Starburst Insights and Worksheet query editor #

Insights is a web-based interface providing an intuitive query editor and data browser, along with a visual overview of important query statistics. It is available as part of Starburst Enterprise, and needs to be activated and configured by your platform administrator.

Access #

To access Insights, get the Starburst Enterprise cluster URL from your platform administrator. For example:


The Insights URL is that URL with /ui/insights appended:


Login with the same credentials you use to access Starburst Enterprise with the CLI or any other client.

Easy data exploration with Worksheet #

Insights includes an ad hoc querying tool, Worksheet. Worksheet is a powerful, web-based tabbed query editor and data source explorer. It allows you to run multiple ad hoc queries and, with a click, drill down into the information you need to optimize it.

Worksheet is meant for quick exploration and query validation. If your result set is very wide, or is greater than 1000 rows, it is truncated. Queries and results are only available until a new query is run in a tab, or your page or tab is closed or refreshed, whichever comes first.

Detailed views of query statistics #

You can also drill down into query details, including step-by-step execution statistics to help you optimize query performance.

Other features and details #

Insights includes numerous other features that allow your platform administrator to understand the performance and usage of your Starburst Enterprise cluster.