Web UI properties#

The following properties can be used to configure the Web UI.


  • Type: string

  • Allowed values: form, fixed, certificate, kerberos, jwt

  • Default value: form

The authentication mechanism to allow user access to the Web UI. See Web UI Authentication.


  • Type: boolean

  • Default value: true

This property controls whether or not the Web UI is available.


  • Type: string

  • Default value: randomly generated unless set

The shared secret is used to generate authentication cookies for users of the Web UI. If not set to a static value, any coordinator restart generates a new random value, which in turn invalidates the session of any currently logged in Web UI user.


  • Type: duration

  • Default value: 1 day

The duration how long a user can be logged into the Web UI, before the session times out, which forces an automatic log-out.


  • Type: string

  • Default value:

The username automatically used for authentication to the Web UI with the fixed authentication type. See Web UI Authentication.