Usage metrics#

The usage metrics pane is accessed in Starburst Insights by using the Usage metrics item in the left-hand navigation.

It provides an overview of the cluster usage over a period of time, as well as a way to download the usage data, or send it to Starburst.

The time range for which the usage metrics are shown can be selected using a filter that provides the following options:

  • Current month

  • Last month

  • Custom range

Selecting the custom range option allows specifying a start and end date.

A summary of the usage for the selected time range is shown in the pane along with a chart depicting cumulative usage over time. The data for the selected time interval can be downloaded or sent to Starburst.

To access usage metrics through this screen, you must have event logger configured and Insights enabled to use persistent data by setting:


You can send the usage metrics data to Starburst directly from Insights. Contact Starburst Support to obtain a file and all necessary information

You receive a JSON file with necessary details to connect to Starburst’s SFTP server. Save it under the name insights-sftp-upload.json in the etc directory. Additionally, you have to set the following property: