Installing Java#

Prerequisites: Installing Presto Admin and Configuring Presto Admin

A Java 11 runtime environment is a requirement for running Presto.

If a suitable 64-bit version of Java 11 is already installed on the nodes, you can skip this step. Otherwise you have to install Java via RPM or a tarball.

presto-admin can be used to install a Java RPM package on all nodes in the cluster:

  1. Download the JDK 11 RPM for Linux.

  2. Copy the RPM to a location accessible by presto-admin.

  3. Run the following command to install Java:

$ ./presto-admin package install <local_path_to_java_rpm>


If installing Java on SLES, you need to specify the flag --nodeps for presto-admin package install, so that the RPM is installed without checking or validating dependencies.