Advanced installation options#

Specifying a certificate authority for the online installer#

The online installer downloads its dependencies from, the standard Python location for hosting packages. For some operating systems, the certificate for is not included in the CA cert bundle, so our installation scripts specify --trusted-host when downloading the dependencies.

If using --trusted-host is not suitable for your security needs, it is possible to supply your own certificates to use to authenticate to Please note that if these certificates do not work to access, the installation will fail. For example, to install with your own certificates:

./ <path_to_cert>/cacert.pem

Coordinator failover#

Presto does not yet support automatic failover for the coordinator. You can migrate to a new coordinator using the presto-admin -H and -x flags to include and exclude hosts in your command, respectively.

To view these presto-admin options, use the --extended-help flag.

You can switch to a new coordinator by following the steps below:

  1. Stop Presto on all the nodes where it is running using the command:

    ./presto-admin server stop
  2. Edit the presto-admin topology file and replace the old coordinator with the new one. By default, the topology file is located at ~/.prestoadmin/config.json.

  3. To install Presto on the new node, run the following two presto-admin commands. The first command is needed only if Java is not already installed on the new coordinator:

    ./presto-admin package install -H new_coordinator /path/to/jre.rpm
    ./presto-admin server install -H new_coordinator /path/to/presto-server.rpm
  4. Update the coordinator and worker configuration files controlled by presto-admin. By default, these files are available at ~/.prestoadmin/.

  5. Run the following commands to deploy the new configurations to all nodes, including the new coordinator and start the server:

    ./presto-admin configuration deploy
    ./presto-admin server start