Using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service#

Amazon AWS (AWS), and specifically the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), is certified to work with SEP.

Online and offline deployments are supported.

EKS specific tips can be found in this document.

AWS S3 access#

Presto can access data storage on S3. You need to create a Kubernetes secret with the AWS credentials and pass it to the cluster.

AWS credentials#

You can provide AWS credentials for your cluster as a Kubernetes secret. The secret name can be configured using the hive.awsSecretName property in the Presto resource.

  awsSecretName: aws-secret-name

It should contain two files, which contain the corresponding AWS credentials.



Internal metastore with custom S3 endpoints#

It possible to configure an internal Metastore with S3 like data sources. You can specify a custom S3 endpoint via the hive.internalMetastore.s3Endpoint property in the Presto resource:

    s3Endpoint: http://my-custom-s3-endpoint