Starburst Enterprise Presto license#

As mentioned in the overview a license for Starburst Enterprise Presto includes support and enables numerous features.

To purchase a license or obtain a free trial, contact us at or

After receiving a signed license file from Starburst, it needs to be stored on all Presto nodes in your clusters.

The license file needs to be named starburstdata.license and located within the Presto installation directory as etc/starburstdata.license, or whatever directory is configured as the etc directory with the launcher script. In case of the rpm archive this path is /etc/presto/starburstdata.license.

Users of the CFT for SEP can provide the license information as part of the configuration.

Kubernetes users need to create a secret in the cluster with kubectl. The filename of the secret is required to be signed.license, so ensure to rename the file before running the command, if necessary.

kubectl create secret generic presto-license --from-file signed.license

The name of the secret needs to be configured with the licenseSecretName property in the Kubernetes resource.