Docker container#

It is possible to run Presto in a Docker container for initial exploration and testing, as well as for deployments in Kubernetes. SEP Docker images contain a full Presto distribution, including all connectors and other features. Presto Docker images also include the Presto CLI.

The following Docker images are available:

Out of the box, SEP container images provide a single node cluster with the following catalogs configured:

Presto container images have the same set of catalogs except blackhole.

These containers can be deployed as a full cluster by mounting separate sets of configuration files for the cluster coordinator and workers.

Getting started#

You can run the container locally, making sure you publish port 8080 of the coordinator. For example:

docker run -d -p --name presto starburstdata/presto

When the Presto server is ready in the container, the Presto Web UI is started on the container and is available on the host at localhost:8080.

For SEP or Presto containers, direct a locally installed Presto CLI to the same port. For interactive mode:

See Presto CLI for an example that uses the --execute option.