Accessing the Presto cluster#

You can connect to your Presto Cluster via SSH. To do so, you must first obtain the IP address of the coordinator and the file name of your .pem file.

To locate the coordinator IP address:

  • CloudFormation Console: Navigate to the CloudFormation Console under “Management Tools” within the Services menu.

  • Outputs: Select your “Stack Name” and click the associated tab labeled “Outputs”.

  • SSH Access: Find and copy the “PrestoSSH” key’s value.

After you have gathered that information, type the ssh command in a terminal window to establish a connection to the coordinator:

ssh ec2-user@coordinator-ip -i ~/.ssh/mykeypair.pem

Using the example above, replace coordinator-ip with the IP address of your coordinator and replace mykeypair.pem with the location and file name of your .pem file.