3.6. User Management#


Mission Control includes the admin user out of the box. It has full administrative rights and is suitable to perform all operations.

In many cases, different people use Mission Control to set up different data sources and clusters. In this scenario, it is best practice to create separate user accounts to track access, manage access rights and ensure correct ownership of any created data sources and clusters.

The user management is suitable to create, update and delete these user accounts. Any user, with administrative rights, can access the user management by clicking on the Users item in the left hand panel, after logging into Mission Control.

The users management view displays a list of all existing users.

Press the + symbol on the bottom right corner to add a new user.

Clicking on a user allows you to edit the user.

The actions item on the list includes links to delete a user and to reset the password.

User Properties#

Users are defined by the following properties:


The name to identify the user for logging into Mission Control. Apart from the default admin user, user names are enforced to be email addresses.

First name:

The first name of the user.

Last name:

The last name of the user.


The date the user account was created.

Admin role:

Flag to indicate, if the user has full administrative rights, including the creation of other users.