3.7. Mission Control Release Notes#

Version 0.21 (9 June 2020)#

  • Update Presto AWS CFT to version 332-e.3-aws-ami-0.92
  • Update Presto Kubernetes to version 332-e.3-k8s-0.28
  • Introduce wizard-style form for MongoDB
  • Introduce ability to add custom datasources

Version 0.20 (1 June 2020)#

  • Add Delta Lake datasource support
  • Fix bug that prevented upgrades of some existing clusters

Version 0.19 (18 May 2020)#

  • New control to allow adding any property to a data source configuration
  • Lock the position of the the left navigation menu
  • Add configuration controls for Ranger system access control for Kubernetes clusters
  • Add configuration controls for autoscaling of Kubernetes clusters

Version 0.18 (7 May 2020)#

  • Fix bug when AWS cluster creation fails for empty URI fields in Ranger configuration
  • Add validations to verify if the URIs provided in the AWS Ranger configuration exist in S3
  • Update Presto AWS CFT to version 332-e.2-aws-ami-0.91
  • Update Presto Kubernetes to version 332-e.2-k8s-0.25

Version 0.17 (1 May 2020)#

  • Introduce Ranger system access control configuration for AWS clusters.
  • Update Kubernetes clusters to use 332-e.2-k8s-0.25 Kubernetes operator.
  • Update AWS clusters to use 332-e.1-aws-ami-0.90 CFT.
  • Fix bug with navigating between UI wizard steps when there is a validation error.
  • Introduce consistent UI for time-based input fields.
  • Use cluster names instead of ids in the validation message when attempting to delete datasources associated with clusters.
  • Fix broken CloudFormation URL in the AWS cluster summary section in the UI.
  • Add number rounding and default scale properties for Teradata datasources.
  • Enable Internal metastore option in GCP datasources.
  • Merge Azure blob storage to Azure storage datasource.
  • Allow to connect to multiple kinds of Azure storage from the same Azure storage datasource.

Version 0.16 (21 April 2020)#

  • Added messages per split property to Kafka datasource.
  • Added parallelism properties for Oracle datasource.
  • Merged ADLS gen1 and ADLS gen2 datasources to a single datasource in wizard style.
  • Introduced Internal metastore option for Azure data lake storage datasource.
  • Fix bug with connectivity when using S3 datasource and Internal metastore option.

Version 0.15 (17 April 2020)#

  • Updated Presto version to 332-e.1.
  • Fixed bug with running concurrent Kubernetes clusters when not exposed on external IPs (load balancers).
  • Fixed bug to sync states for clusters that are in ERRORING state.
  • Rollback worker count updates if they fail.
  • Removed default property AllowExternalAccessOnHttp=true property from AWS clusters.
  • Added CFT permission to enable MetricsCollection for AWS clusters.
  • Changed edit cluster route URL from cluster/<id> to cluster/<id>/edit.
  • Allowed clicking the previous wizard step when creating a new cluster.
  • Renamed Presto license cluster field to Starburst license.
  • Made Starburst license field mandatory when cluster is configured with Starburst connectors.
  • Made password change mandatory for all newly created internal users.
  • Improved UI for choosing data sizes with a size and unit selector.
  • Replaced Hive and Hive with Internal Metastore data sources with S3 and HDFS data sources.
  • Introduced wizard-style form for S3, HDFS and Redshift data sources.
  • Removed deprecated Enable positioned reads property from S3 data source.
  • Removed deprecated transmitter properties from Teradata data source.
  • Added default value for Teradata data source‚Äôs connection pool max size.
  • Added progress indicators to the data source form.

Version 0.14#

  • Added immediate validations for fields throughout the UI.
  • Added support for bootstrap script volumes in Kubernetes.
  • Added support for annotations in Kubernetes.
  • Added Kafka datasource.
  • Maintain Presto cluster states independent of Mission Control server states.
  • Add field to provide Starburst license for AWS clusters.
  • Improved UI for JDBC based datasources.

Version 0.13#

  • Add support for Azure datasources like Blob, ADLS Gen1 and ADLS Gen2.
  • Extend Hive for internal metastore in Kubernetes to support additional datasources like AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure blob storage, ADLS Gen1 storage and ADLS Gen2 storage.
  • Add AWS Glue datasource to Kubernetes installation.
  • Add datasources for the Teradata connector and the Teradata Parallel Direct connector. Note that the Teradata Parallel Direct connector is not available on Kubernetes at the moment.
  • Change the look of the dialogs and notification toasts.
  • Introduce the front-end validations on the data sources form.
  • Transform the cluster create/edit form into a multi-step wizard.