5.13. Kubernetes Resources Release Notes#

k8s-0.28 (8 June 2020)#

  • Fix entrypoint to start SEP

k8s-0.24 (23 April 2020)#

  • Run bootstrap scripts with the root user account

k8s-0.23 (20 April 2020)#

  • Enable usage metrics by default



  • Update Presto version to 323-e.7
  • Fix HPA when there are multiple Presto clusters


  • Add support for additional coordinator and worker annotations


  • Fix JVM configuration to support Java 11


  • Add support for Azure ADLS Gen 2 in Internal Metastore
  • Rename files included in the Azure ADLS Gen2’s secret to AZURE_ABFS_STORAGE_ACCOUNT and AZURE_ABFS_ACCESS_KEY instead of AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT and AZURE_ACCESS_KEY, respectively.
  • Add support for Azure Blobs (both Presto and internal Metastore)


  • Add support for multiple bootstrap scripts
  • Add cluster domain name customization
  • Update operator SDK to 0.11 version. This makes resource names created by the Presto operator more predictable.
  • Fix Presto permission issues in some K8s deployments


  • Rename azureSecretName hive.property to hive.azureAbfsSecretName
  • Add support for Azure ADLS Gen 1 (both Presto and internal Metastore)


  • Reduce memory required by internal Metastore and PostgreSQL.
  • Use Recreate deployment strategy for workers and coordinator. This allows for cluster configuration updates without extra node capacity.


  • Add support for Azure Storage account key secrets
  • Update to Starburst Enterprise Presto 312-e.4


  • Update to Starburst Enterprise Presto 312-e.3


  • Use better defaults for Presto JVM properties


  • Move hive.mySQL, hive.postgreSql, hive.internalPostgreSql Hive connector properties to be subproperties of hive.internalMetastore
  • Add explicit property for node port (service.nodePort) when Presto Coordinator Service of type NodePort is used
  • Reduce size of Presto docker image