10.5. Conversion Functions#

Presto will implicitly convert numeric and character values to the correct type if such a conversion is possible. Presto will not convert between character and numeric types. For example, a query that expects a varchar will not automatically convert a bigint value to an equivalent varchar.

When necessary, values can be explicitly cast to a particular type.

Conversion Functions#

cast(value AS type) → type#

Explicitly cast a value as a type. This can be used to cast a varchar to a numeric value type and vice versa.

try_cast(value AS type) → type#

Like cast(), but returns null if the cast fails.


format(format, args...) → varchar#

Returns a formatted string using the specified format string and arguments:

SELECT format('%s%%', 123); -- '123%'
SELECT format('%.5f', pi()); -- '3.14159'
SELECT format('%03d', 8); -- '008'
SELECT format('%,.2f', 1234567.89); -- '1,234,567.89'
SELECT format('%-7s,%7s', 'hello', 'world'); --  'hello  ,  world'
SELECT format('%2$s %3$s %1$s', 'a', 'b', 'c'); -- 'b c a'
SELECT format('%1$tA, %1$tB %1$te, %1$tY', date '2006-07-04'); -- 'Tuesday, July 4, 2006'

Data Size#

The parse_presto_data_size function supports the following units:

Unit Description Value
B Bytes 1
kB Kilobytes 1024
MB Megabytes 10242
GB Gigabytes 10243
TB Terabytes 10244
PB Petabytes 10245
EB Exabytes 10246
ZB Zettabytes 10247
YB Yottabytes 10248
parse_presto_data_size(string) -> decimal(38)#

Parses string of format value unit into a number, where value is the fractional number of unit values:

SELECT parse_presto_data_size('1B'); -- 1
SELECT parse_presto_data_size('1kB'); -- 1024
SELECT parse_presto_data_size('1MB'); -- 1048576
SELECT parse_presto_data_size('2.3MB'); -- 2411724


typeof(expr) → varchar#

Returns the name of the type of the provided expression:

SELECT typeof(123); -- integer
SELECT typeof('cat'); -- varchar(3)
SELECT typeof(cos(2) + 1.5); -- double