4.19. AWS AMI/CFT Release Notes#

Version 332-e.4-aws-ami-0.96 and 332-e.4-ami-0.96 (15 June 2020)#

  • Keep usage metrics in separate log group with unlimited retention period.

Version 332-e.3-aws-ami-0.92 and 332-e.3-ami-0.92 (28 May 2020)#

Version 332-e.2-aws-ami-0.91 and 332-e.2-ami-0.91 (7 May 2020)#

Version 332-e.1-aws-ami-0.90 and 332-e.1-ami-0.88 (30 April 2020)#

  • Update Starburst Enterprise Ranger to version 2.0.24
  • Add Amazon regions for Asia Pacific, Canada and South America
  • Use presto_service user from Superset to enable usage with active Ranger integration

Older Versions#

Changes are available via the source repository change log only.