3.2. Getting Started with Mission Control#

First Login#

After a successful installation of Mission Control, you have the URL of the server running it available from your deployment system.

Navigate to the URL of the server, e.g. http://mc.example.com:5041/ and you see the Mission Control login screen.

Use the default admin username with the password admin at first login. You are forced to change the password to a new value.

After successful login you are presented with the Mission Control home screen.

Mission Control Home

The left hand navigation provides access to the home screen itself, as well as Data Source Management, Cluster Management and User Management.

The top, right hand corner of the UI contains buttons to read the documentation, access your user profile, and log out of Mission Control.

Next Steps#

Once you have successfully logged in, you can start with setting up your data sources and then use them in the clusters you configure and start up.

User Profile#

The user profile displays your user properties and allows you to change them. More information about the properties can be found in the User Management documentation.