20.22. Release 311

General Changes

  • Fix incorrect results for aggregation query that contains a HAVING clause but no GROUP BY clause. (#733)

  • Fix rare error when moving already completed query to a new memory pool. (#725)

  • Fix leak in operator peak memory computations (#764)

  • Improve consistency of reported query statistics. (#773)

  • Add support for OFFSET syntax. (#732)

  • Print cost metrics using appropriate units in the output of EXPLAIN. (#68)

  • Add combinations() function. (#714)

Hive Connector Changes

  • Add support for static AWS credentials for the Glue metastore. (#748)

Cassandra Connector Changes

  • Support collections nested in other collections. (#657)

  • Automatically discover the Cassandra protocol version when the previously required cassandra.protocol-version configuration property is not set. (#596)

Black Hole Connector Changes

  • Fix rendering of tables and columns in plans. (#728)

  • Add table and column statistics. (#728)

System Connector Changes

  • Add system.metadata.table_comments table that contains table comments. (#531)