6.8. Customizing The Presto Docker Images

Custom Bootstrap Script

Starburst Kubernetes integration allows adding a bootstrap script to the Presto Kubernetes pods. This additional bootstrap script support is available to allow user defined actions to be performed on the Presto nodes (coordinators and workers) upon node startup. The script is executed after Presto configuration setup, but before starting the Presto server.

The custom bootstrap script is added via the additionalBootstrapScriptVolume property in spec section of Presto Kubernetes resource YAML (see Presto Kubernetes resource). This property should be a YAML fragment which defines a volume. Any volume type can be used, see the list of Kubernetes Volumes The volume is required to have a bootstrap.sh file, additional files are allowed in that volume. This volume will be mounted in all the Presto pods. If bootstrap.sh script exists, prior to Presto server startup, this script will be executed with the node role as parameter (string literal worker or coordinator).

For example, the additionalBootstrapScriptVolume could be specified as a ConfigMap volume by configuring the Presto Kubernetes resource like this:

    name: my-bootstrap-script

This assumes the ConfigMap already exists. It could be as simple as creating this Kubernetes resource:

kind: ConfigMap
apiVersion: v1
  name: my-bootstrap-script
  namespace: <my-namespace>
  bootstrap.sh: |-
    echo "Hello World." > /tmp/hello.txt

For more information on ConfigMap refer to Kubernetes ConfigMap documentation

Note: The custom bootstrap script volume, can be any volume type supported by Kubernetes, the ConfigMap mentioned above is just an example use case.

Note: It is also possible to mount multiple bootstrap script volumes via the additionalBootstrapScriptVolumes property. For example, the additionalBootstrapScriptVolumes could list multiple ConfigMaps volumes like this:

  - configMap:
      name: my-bootstrap-script-1
  - configMap:
      name: my-bootstrap-script-2

Building custom Presto Docker images

The Custom Bootstrap Script script mechanism, is a lighter, built-in way to customize the default Presto pod, without the need to build a separate custom Presto Docker image, it should suffice for most extension needs.

However if you need to do more extensive changes to the underlying node, it is possible to build custom Presto Docker images used by Presto cluster. This allows you to to extend Presto with additional features, which are not supported by default, or otherwise modify the Presto nodes.

In order to build custom Presto Docker images you must create a Docker image that is based on the Starburst Presto Kubernetes Docker image, e.g.

FROM starburstdata/presto:312-e.7.k8s-0.14
LABEL maintainer="..."

# Your custom Docker image steps

You might also want to modify /usr/local/bin/entrypoint.sh script which is responsible for autoconfiguring and launching Presto. Your custom steps should be executed after Presto is autoconfigured by presto-autoconfigure program, in addition to (or instead of) the additional bootstrap script handling.

Once you have built your custom Presto Docker image, you can use it within Presto cluster by specifying image section of Presto Kubernetes resource, e.g.

apiVersion: starburstdata.com/v1
kind: Presto
  name: presto-cluster-name
    name: custom-presto-image
    pullPolicy: IfNotPresent
    tag: 0.1