19.8. Group provider

Presto can map usernames onto groups for easier access control management. This mapping is performed by a GroupProvider implementation. An LDAP group provider is bundled with Starburst Presto.


GroupProviderFactory is responsible for creating a GroupProvider instance. It also defines the name of the group provider as used in the configuration file.

GroupProvider contains a one method, getGroups(String user) which returns a Set<String> of group names. This set of group names becomes part of the Identity and ConnectorIdentity objects representing the user, and can then be used by System Access Control.

The implementation of GroupProvider and it’s corresponding GroupProviderFactory must be wrapped as a Presto plugin and installed on the cluster.


After a plugin that implements GroupProviderFactory has been installed on the coordinator, it is configured using an etc/group-provider.properties file. All of the properties other than group-provider.name are specific to the GroupProviderFactory implementation.

The group-provider.name property is used by Presto to find a registered GroupProviderFactory based on the name returned by GroupProviderFactory.getName(). The remaining properties are passed as a map to GroupProviderFactory.create(Map<String, String>).

Example configuration file:


With that file in place, Presto will attempt user group name resolution, and will be able to use the group names while evaluating access control rules.