5.8. Script Actions

HDInsight provides a configuration method called Script Actions that invokes custom scripts to customize the cluster. Starburst provides Script Actions to customize Presto on an HDInsight cluster.

Available Script Actions

Name Script Parameters

Custom Presto Configuration


-p <path_to_custom_configuration.zip>

Restart Presto



Note that for Presto release 0.208-e the container-name is presto208e. For Presto releases 0.213-e and newer, the container-name is <versionnumber>-e. e.g https://starburstdata.blob.core.windows.net/302-e/update-presto-config.sh

Running Script Actions

Azure HDInsight Script Actions may be run during cluster creation or after. However, these Presto specific Script Actions must be run after cluster creation. Follow the steps below to submit one of these Script Actions.

  1. From the Azure portal, select your HDInsight cluster.

  2. Navigate to Script actions under settings.

  3. From the top of the script actions section, select Submit new.

  4. Enter values for the parameters.

Script Type

Choose custom

Script Name

Enter a name for the script.

Bash script URI

Enter the publicly accessible location for the Script action.

Node Types

Chose the node type to run the script action on. The choices are Head, Worker, Zookeeper, and Edge. At this time, there is no Presto script action that needs to. run on Zookeeper.


Enter any parameters if needed. These are specified per the script action.

Persist Script Action

This is optional. But you should consider checking it if you plan to expand the cluster and want the script action to run on the new nodes. When you expand, this Script Action will be run automatically if the box is checked.

  1. Click Create to submit the script action. If you encounter an error, refer to the Troubleshooting section.